CYANCASE, A Company Dedicated to Combining Outstanding Design and Strong Protection Into Your Phone Case.

2019 - Why Phone Cases?

Here is Joey, the founder of CYANCASE. In 2019, I bid farewell to the iPhone 6, which has been with me for five years, and spent $699 to buy the newly released iPhone 11. Because it was the first time I used a mobile phone with a large lens and a full screen, so I have been obsessed with finding the perfect case to decorate it. I remember going to the mall's kiosk every few weeks to pick a new box and always find a cooler design than I can buy from any leading brand. Although I like these beautifully crafted designs, I end up breaking my phone every other month because these protective cases do not provide the same level of protection as the major brands. I used to repair my broken new iPhone for half the price of the iPhone. This makes me very distressed. It seems that many iPhone cases have only two options: an excellent design that offers little protection or a supremely protective but horribly ugly. I knew that I shouldn't have to settle for less.

2020 - Journey Begins

2020 is a special year. Under the sudden global epidemic, I graduated from university very ignorantly, and I still have some uncertainty about the future direction. But inwardly, I have a strong desire to create a career that I really like. I finally found a solution to the problem I have been dealing with since 2019. I think if I can create a fashion designer case that is as protective as a leading brand, I will really have something special.

2021 - Everything will be better

After 6 months of hard research, we designed the initial product, sold all the inventory I had to buy, and prepared to turn a simple idea into a truly viable business. In June 2021, I registered the company. In July of the same year, I registered the domain name of CYANCASE and began to decorate the website pages and release our products. We’re proud to share our passion with CYANCASE customers. We believe that as long as we manage our products carefully, the future will be better.

Our Products

We create premium on-trend tech accessories designed.

Our Mission

To create the coolest tech accessories through innovative design, dependable quality, and value focus.

Our Team

Creative artists and innovative thinkers sharing a passion for our mission.